Musician Tour Bus

A band tour bus is a luxury bus used to transport musicians and their equipment on tour. These buses are specially made and furnished to provide a comfortable and efficient means of transportation for musicians as they travel between their shows and concerts. Luxury Bus Rental offer band tour buses that make life on the road more calm and opportune for musicians in USA. For all details (816) 323-2830

  • Leather seats
  • 12 Sleeper Bunks
  • Optional Condo Bunk Conversions
  • Front & Back Lounges
  • Galley Kitchen
  • LCD /DVD
  • Sound system 
  • Reclining seat
  • Well maintained and clean environment
  • Smoke-free
  • Climate control
  • PA system
  • WIFI

Features Of Our Band Tour Buses

Bunk Beds: Luxury Bus Rental offer band tour buses, having feature of bunk beds, which provide a place for musicians to sleep and rest between their shows.
Lounge Area: Our Tour buses have feature of a lounge area with comfortable seating, a TV, and a sound system. It is a specific space for musician clients to relax and socialize when they are not performing.
Kitchen Facilities: We offer tour buses having a kitchen or galley with a refrigerator, microwave, and other appliances. This is to prepare their meals and snacks on the road.
Bathroom and Shower Facilities: Tour buses that we offer have a bathroom and shower facilities on the bus, which provide an appropriate way for musicians to freshen up.
Storage Space: Tour buses have sufficient storage space for musical equipment, luggage, and other things.
Wi-Fi and Entertainment Systems: Luxury Bus Rental tour buses are fully furnished with Wi-Fi and entertainment systems to keep musicians entertained and connected while on the road.
Certified Driver: Our Tour buses are driven by well-trained and certified drivers who are experienced in driving.

Band tour buses that we offer are in a variety of sizes and styles, depending on the needs and preferences of the musicians. Some of our tour buses are custom-built to meet the specific requirements of a particular band or musician. When renting a band tour bus, it’s important to consider factors such as the size of the group, the length of the tour, and any special requirements or preferences. Exchange information and book Band Bus Tour now (816) 323-2830

Several types of band tour buses we offer like:

Sleeper bus: This is the most common type of band tour bus. It has beds for sleeping, a drawing room, kitchen facilities, bathroom and shower facilities, and plenty storage space. Luxury Bus Rental offers sleeper buses of Variety of sizes and configurations, depending on the needs and preferences of the band.
Entertainer coach: Entertainer coaches are similar to sleeper buses, but are more lavish and feature fashionable services such as leather seating, flat-screen TVs, and high-end sound systems. We offer band tour which have separate living room and sleeping areas, as well as a separate driver section to add privacy.
Day bus: Day buses are for shorter tours. These buses we offer do not have sleeping rooms, but feature a sitting area, kitchen facilities and bathroom.
Custom-built bus: Luxury Bus Rental offers custom-built buses as some bands choose to have a bus custom-built to meet their specific needs and preferences. Our custom-built buses include unique features such as recording studios, practice spaces, or even full-sized performance stages.
Trailer buses: These are buses that are prepared with a trailer that can be used to transport apparatus and stuff. This is useful for bands that require a large amount of equipment or need to transport large items such as speakers or lighting rigs. While choosing a band tour bus, we advise to consider some factors such as the size of the group, the length of the tour, and any special requirements or preferences. Our band bus rental company can help you to choose the right type of bus for your needs, any suggestion, query and Booking (816) 323-2830. Luxury Bus Rental offers buses for a band tour which are totally comfortable, convenient, and safe for the band members. Renting a luxury bus will enhance your band’s image and show your fans and industry. Book now and make your band professional.