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A Complete Guide to Wedding Bus Rental

wedding bus rental

Is your wedding coming up and you need help figuring out wedding transportation service for your guests? Planning ahead is everything on your special day, and bus rental service for your client, family or guests can make things much easier. If you have never experienced booking a charter bus before, or if transportation happens to be the last thing on your mind before your wedding day, do not worry because Luxury Bus Rental has got you covered! We work hard to find the best deal for what you need and fast. Our network of quality partner bus companies is nationwide, and they are very familiar with wedding transportation

Arrive together

There is nothing more disrupting to a romantic wedding ceremony than guests – let alone members of the wedding party – awkwardly making their way to their seats at the least opportune moment. Avoid this by hiring a charter bus for wedding guests, so everyone is in place.

Stay together

Using Charter Bus Rental Service for all your guests to ride between locations allows you to keep track of everybody. Besides, shuttles for weddings – with your guests happy and relaxed – make great photo ops and less stress finding them. 

Also Charter Buses are big and roomy so you do not need to worry about space either.

Adaptable Transportation Options

A bus rental for a wedding is always a good idea, but things are not always the same. For example, if most of your loved ones live in the area, only select invitees may need help with wedding transportation. However, a destination wedding can be a headache for guests, with large numbers of attendees likely to get lost in unfamiliar areas without proper wedding transportation.

We offer a complete range of bus rental services to accommodate all your wedding shuttle service needs. We have you covered for weddings and rehearsal dinners, whether you need several 57-passenger coaches for your extensive wedding party and guest list, a mid-size bus for your intimate gathering, or a minibus to celebrate with your wedding attendants.

Your Ride, Your Rules

Booking a bus for your big day is a unique occasion to take your wedding on wheels! You can decorate our vehicles, bring drinks and snacks for friends and family, and play your music so your transportation for wedding guests is as romantic as the party itself. A wedding shuttle will allow you to make the most of every minute with your loved ones on your special day.

Parking Headaches are gone now

When you rent a Charter bus from Luxury Bus Rental you do not need to worry about driving and especially parking. Parking can be a big problem on your big day but with bus rental service, this headache is gone. With wedding bus rentals, all of your guests will arrive and depart together when you plan, to make sure that your ceremony goes according to your wedding schedule.

Be Safe On Your Big Day

Of course, you want your friends to enjoy themselves on your wedding day. But you probably don’t want to worry about them drunk-driving their way back home from the reception venue after the wedding day is over. Shuttle services for weddings are an excellent way to ensure that even the rowdiest guests finish their night in their beds. With our wedding transportation services, you can get everyone to their hotel or home safely after the ceremony is over.

Schedule Your Wedding Transportation Today!

Hiring a bus for wedding guests is one of the best ways to ensure that your special day remains stress free. Luxury Bus Rental is USA’s one of the most trusted charter bus rental services and your go-to for wedding bus rentals.

Give us a call at (816) 323-2830 or email us at for a charter bus quote today to see how we can transport guests and make your wedding day easier and more relaxing for everybody.