Charter A Bus

Charter Bus Rental service is to rent a bus for a specific period, usually for a single trip or for a tour. Luxury Bus Rental is a service that offers bus rental services like Charter Bus Rental for the transport of clients to their desired destinations. Charter Bus Rental services we offer for the group transportation needs, such as school trips, sports, corporate, weddings, church events, and other group outings.

  • Free wifi
  • Reclining comfortable seat
  • Air conditioning & Heating
  • Underneath luggage storage
  • Clean buses
  • DVD/ LCD and sound system
  • P.A system
  • Alcohol and smoke-free environment
  • GPA system


Coach Bus rental is a large, luxury bus planned for long-distance travel. Luxury Bus Rental offers coach bus which has 40-60 seats for passengers, with a lot of facilities. Coach buses are often used for corporate travel, tourism, school trips, sports teams, and other group transportation needs.
Mini-Bus rental is a small passenger van designed to transport a small number of people than regular buses. These buses we offer, normally have 08-30 seats and can be used for many purposes like shorter trips, shuttle services, and public, school, and private group transportation.
School Bus rental designed to transport students to and from school and also for school-related activities. We offer School Buses with a yellow exterior, blinking lights, and a stop sign which indicates children are getting on or off. Our School buses are built with safety features such as high seat backs, secure sides, and emergency exits.
Party Bus rental is a large vehicle, Luxury Bus Rental’s party buses are special and modified buses, which are designed to transport groups of people for social events such as parties, weddings, and seafronts. These buses are furnished with facilities such as sound systems, lighting, and seating to create a festive atmosphere for passengers.
Executive Bus rental is a luxury vehicle that is for business or corporate travel. Our Executive Buses are furnished with high-end features such as comfortable seating, audio-visual equipment, internet connectivity, and conference tables. Executive buses are used for corporate events, shuttle services, and other business-related transportation needs.

Cost of a Charter Bus Rental
Luxury Bus Rentals are providing the best bus rental services everywhere all over the USA. The cost of a charter bus rental depends on some factors, including the distance traveled, the size of the bus, the time, any additional facility you ask to provide to our services, and the duration of the rental. Other factors that affect the cost are leave-taking place and destination, the number of passengers, and the availability of the buses. For Cost details or any Query call now at (816) 323-2830. Charter buses offered by Luxury Bus Rental accommodate large groups of people, making them an ideal option for school groups, sports teams, wedding parties, and corporate events. Buses are more environmentally friendly, safe, and reliable. Book now and enjoy our services at (816) 323-2830