Sleeper coaches

Sleeper Coach bus rental is renting a specialized bus that is for overnight travel. Sleeper buses are touring musicians, entertainers, and some other groups that need to travel long distances non-stop and frequently. Luxury bus rentals offer sleeper buses that provide comfort to passengers with fully-reclining beds. Luxury bus rentals have high safety to give passengers peace of mind.

  • Free wifi
  • Reclining comfortable seat
  • Air conditioning & Heating
  • Underneath luggage storage
  • Clean buses
  • DVD/ LCD and sound system
  • P.A system
  • Alcohol and smoke-free environment
  • GPA system

Features and Benefits

Comfortable sleeping: Sleeper buses offered by us have sleeping areas that provide a comfortable and private space for passengers to rest and sleep while traveling.
Entertainment systems: Sleeper buses we offer have entertainment systems like LCDs, DVD players, and sound systems to keep our passengers entertained.
Kitchen and bathroom facilities: Our Sleeper buses have a kitchen and bathroom for the passengers with food, drinks, and restroom facilities.
Weather control: Sleeper buses have air coolers and heating systems to control the weather and make the journey comfortable for our clients.
Professional driver and supporting staff: Luxury Bus Rental offers Sleeper buses with professional driver and supporting staff to make a stress-free and relaxed journey for passengers. With years of experience and High-Quality service, Luxury Bus Rental has a good reputation. Book sleeper bus now to enjoy your journey call (816) 323-2830.

Purposes of Sleeper Bus Rental

Sleeper buses can be rented for a different purpose, like:
Touring: Sleeper buses offered by Luxury Bus Rental are best for touring purposes, mainly among musicians and performers. Sleeper bus provides a happy and suitable way of transportation for performers and their crew for their tours, and also provide them with sleeping rooms, living room, and bathrooms.
Commercial events: Sleeper buses can be rented for commercial or corporate events such as team building events, ad shoots, or company outings. Sleeper Bus offers an exceptional and easy way to travel. Luxury Bus Rental offer customized sleeper buses to meet the specific needs of our passengers or their event.
Weddings: Sleeper buses can be rented for wedding or marriage parties, particularly for transporting the wedding party from the ceremony to the reception. Sleeper buses offer a fun and festive atmosphere for the wedding party to enjoy with family and friends.
Sports events: Sleeper buses are also used for transporting sports teams or fans to the events or from sports events. Sleeper buses provide a calm and appropriate mode to travel for players, sports teams, or fans, with enough space for them and also for their sports kits and luggage.
Group travel: We offer Sleeper buses for different groups to travel, such as family vacations or group tours. Sleeper buses are cost-effective for large groups to travel with a lot of facilities and benefits.

Types of Luxury Sleeper Bus Rental

There are several types of sleeper buses available for rental by Luxury Bus Rental, common types of sleeper buses:

Single-berth sleeper bus: A single-berth sleeper is a small, compact sleeper bus for one passenger. It typically has a single bunk, a TV, a bathroom, and a small kitchenette.

Double-berth sleeper bus: A double-berth sleeper is a larger sleeper bus for two passengers. It normally has a double bed, a TV, a bathroom, and a kitchen like a single berth.

Multi-berth sleeper bus: Multi-berth sleeper buses are larger buses that are for multiple passengers. Multi-berth sleepers have several bunk beds, a larger kitchen, and multiple bathrooms.

Executive sleeper coach rental: Executive sleeper buses are luxury buses for VIPs and other high-profile passengers. These executive sleepers have high-end services like luxurious seating, a larger kitchen and bathroom, and advanced entertainment systems.

Custom sleeper bus rental: Some of our customers have special needs, in this case, Luxury Bus Rental offers a custom sleeper bus that can be custom-made to the specific needs and preferences of our customers. Custom sleepers have unique designs, custom comforts, etc. Selecting Sleeper Bus for luxury bus rental is the best choice as it provides a comfortable, safe, and suitable travel experience.