Entertainer Coach Bus Hire

Entertainer coaches are custom-built buses that are designed to provide a high level of comfort and luxury for bands, entertainers, and other VIPs on the road. Entertainer coaches are customized to meet the unique needs and preferences of the user and are often furnished with a range of high-end services to ensure a comfortable and luxurious journey. If you are an artist or performer looking to rent an entertainer coach for your next tour, you have to contact us. Luxury Bus Rental specializes in providing these Entertainer coaches. Luxury Bus Rental offers a variety of different models to choose from, each with its own set of features and services, Contact us and book Entertainer coaches to make your tour successful and unforgettable (816) 323-2830.

  • 12 Bunks / Beds
  • Lavatory
  • Sink
  • GPS Navigation
  • Dome Lighting
  • Front Lounge Slide Out
  • Large Luggage Space
  • Sound system 
  • Reclining seat
  • Well maintained and clean environment
  • Smoke-free
  • Climate control
  • PA system
  • WIFI


Luxury Bus Rental offers entertainer coaches tour bus with bunks which have these Common Features:

Luxurious interior: Entertainer coaches are customized with high-end materials such as leather seating, premium audio and video systems, and high-quality lighting.
Spacious living areas: Entertainer coaches have large living areas, including a lounge and dining area, and can include multiple sleeping areas for extended trips.
Kitchen facilities: Many Luxury Bus Rental, entertainer coaches have a fully furnished kitchen, including a refrigerator, cooker, microwave, and other services.
Bathroom and shower facilities: Entertainer coaches have a full bathroom with a shower, and some of our Entertainer coaches have multiple bathrooms.
Ample storage space: Entertainer coaches have plenty of storage space for musical tools, gear, and personal items, with overhead storage compartments and under-bus storage bays.
Customized features: Entertainer coaches are customized to meet the needs and preferences of the clients and passengers, with options such as recording studios, practice spaces, or even a full-sized stage.
Professional driver: Luxury Bus Rental Entertainer coaches are driven by professional drivers who are experienced in driving large Coaches.
Luxury Bus Rental also help their clients to choose the right type of entertainer coach for their needs and can provide a skilled teamster to ensure a safe and relaxed journey.

There are several types of entertainer coaches

Available for rental, each with its own unique features and benefits. Here are some common types of entertainer coaches:
Sleeper Coach rental: This type of entertainer coach is designed for extended trips, with multiple sleeping areas and a full bathroom with a shower. Sleeper coaches are used by touring musicians and other performers who spend long periods on the road
Luxury coach rental: VIP coaches are for our high-end clients, such as executives, celebrities, and politicians. As they feature luxurious amenities such as leather seating, flat-screen Televisions, and sound systems, as well as privacy barriers and other features to ensure a comfortable and secure journey.
Escorted charter bus: This type of entertainer coach is considered for business use, with features such as conference tables, Wi-Fi, and other niceties to support productivity and communication while on the road.
Band Bus rental: Band buses are planned specifically for touring musicians and bands, with features such as equipment storage, practice spaces, and a small recording studio.
Executive coach bus: Specialty coaches can be customized to meet the unique needs of our users, with different options such as a full-sized performance stage, a green room, or even a movie theater. Entertainer coaches that Luxury Bus Rental offer for touring artists, musicians, and performers. These buses are furnished with all the facilities and features for example calm sleeping measures, a kitchen area, a bathroom, and entertainment systems.
Renting an entertainer coach from Luxury Bus Rental is a great way to travel in comfort and style while on tour. For cost and other information call now at (816) 323-2830.