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How-To Guide Renting A Coach Bus

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The coach bus, also known as the ‘motor coach’, is everything you want in a bus rental. Luxurious, comfortable, affordable, and ultimately your best bet at reliable, long-distance travel. These types of vehicles can comfortably accommodate up to 55 people at a time, making them a great option for larger groups looking to travel longer distances. 

Coach buses come equipped with a number of amenities that you cannot find on other bus rentals, including optional hi-speed WIFI, onboard bathrooms, and various power outlets. Today, these vehicles serve a number of different purposes and have established themselves as one of the more versatile bus rental options. Whether you’re organizing a tour across state lines, or need a safe ride to your team’s tournament, coach bus rentals are extremely convenient bus rental options. 

Let’s now take a look at common uses for coach bus rentals, including amenities, the different vehicle types offered at, and more. 


Coach bus rentals are without a doubt the most luxurious of bus rental options, offering a plethora of modern amenities other buses simply do not. These vehicles are perfect for transporting large groups of people over longer distances offering complete comfort and ensuring you get to your destination safely and reliably. The coach bus comfortably seats up to 55 people with a minimum of fuss. 

There are a number of different amenities that can be included with your coach bus rental, including audiovisual equipment and hi-speed wifi. The latter is especially important if your group plans on getting work done on the road or needs to fit a last-minute study session before a case competition. 

Every coach bus comes equipped with vehicle-wide air conditioning, a fully-vetted driver, and ample storage room. These vehicles boast massive undercarriage space and overhead compartments, making them a great option for sports teams and their equipment or touring bands. The coach bus separates itself from other vehicle types and is the only bus rental that comes equipped with an onboard restroom. In addition, these vehicles have power outlets, ensuring your group can stay connected on the road.

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When to rent a coach bus

charter bus rental america

Field Trips

Coach buses are regularly used for school field trips due to their ability to comfortably seat up to 55 students at a time. Field trips are a great way for younger students to form long-lasting connections with one another that go beyond the classroom and create memories for a lifetime.

Corporate Events

Corporations love coach bus rentals as these vehicle types offer their employees all the luxuries they will need on route to their destination. From hi-speed WIFI to a number of electrical outlets, coach bus rentals help corporations stay productive while on the road in ways other bus types fall short.

Student Groups

Student groups enjoy coach bus rentals for many of the same reasons as corporate groups. The ability to stay connected while on the road is extremely important, especially if they are heading towards a case competition. The optional hi-speed WIFI and power outlets give student groups the ability to have an impromptu study session inside the coach bus and can even be turned into a quick and fun trivia game.

Wedding and Private Events

Destination weddings are a great reason to charter a coach bus and keep the party going while on the road. One of our experienced drivers will worry about navigating tricky roads and traffic so you don’t have to. 

Contact one of our booking specialists and customize your coach bus rental to your liking. You can even match it to the theme of your wedding for added fun and decorate the vehicle with streamers, balloons, and more.

Sports teams

Sports teams will often turn to coach bus rentals for one simple reason: Storage. The coach bus boasts the largest undercarriage compartment of all bus types, accommodating all types of equipment and personal belongings. 

Beyond storage, sports teams will charter these types of vehicles for tournament travel guaranteeing their players’ comfort over longer distances. This offers the team a chance to bond all together before the game and is more convenient than organizing four or five vehicles for carpooling.

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