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How to travel safely During Pandemic

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For the foreseeable future, no method of group transportation is 100% guaranteed to be safe. If your travel isn’t essential, the safest option is to just stay home.

However, if you do plan on traveling in a group, we at the Luxury Bus Rental team will go the extra mile to ensure your trip is as safe as possible. Whether you’re transporting essential staff to and from work, providing emergency shuttles to victims of natural disasters, or taking kids to school, we will secure you a clean and sanitized bus and help your group social distance while on the road. Keep reading to learn more about the steps we’re taking to keep your group safe.

Since COVID-19 spread around the world, traveling has become daunting. However, it’s not entirely impossible. Taking extra caution is a must from deciding your destination and mode of transport to complying with safety measures and local guidelines. 

To help you ease your mind and prepare, we’ve rounded up some tips for you and your group to have a safe trip during the pandemic .

Keep Your Plans Simple

If possible, avoid public transportation or transfers. Traveling by car is the safest. It’s also incredibly convenient since you can take a drive-by tour around your destination. If you plan to go sightseeing without your own vehicle, just make sure to choose local excursions that do not require the use of public transportation. While traveling with a group, renting a local bus may be the best option. Coach buses have ample space and may come equipped with entertainment options and their own lavatory.

Go by air only if the airline allows middle seat blocking. If it’s necessary for you to travel by plane, remember that a nonstop flight is safer than those with layovers, since there are fewer chances of being exposed to the virus.

Choose Transportation Options That Are Flexible

Before you and your group travel amid COVID-19 , plan your destination first. Check if you need quarantine when you arrive at your chosen stop. Planning ahead gives you the opportunity to lay out all potential destinations you want to visit. It’s also important to find out if these places are open for tourists, and if they have safety protocols in place.

It’s also ideal to study the route you prefer to drive, so that you won’t be distracted looking at the map for directions. A safer option is to have a GPS tracker installed. Check the location of gasoline stations and rest stops along the way. Plan your route to minimize the number of stops you make so you can avoid other travelers. Respect any local restrictions implemented in the destination you’re going.

Avoid Restrooms as much as possible

In order to reduce virus exposure and limit interactions, try minimizing the number of rest stops as you and your group make the trip. Instead of lining up at fast food shops, it is better to bring your own snacks and drinks to take while on the road. Encourage your companions to pack their own snacks, as well. If you go on a trip via a motor coach, ask the bus rental company for one that contains an onboard lavatory. This will be convenient for everyone without having to leave the bus.

Carefully Select Your Accommodations

When choosing your lodging, be sure it’s well-ventilated. While proper indoor and outdoor air exchange cannot fully eliminate the risk of COVID-19 exposure, it is still a crucial part of the larger strategy, together with social distancing and the wearing of masks. Look for accommodations with a balcony or terrace, or at the very least, a place that will allow you to open the windows wide.

Stay in hotels or Airbnbs with fully functioning HVAC systems. While air-conditioning recirculates the same air within the area many times, reputable establishments clean and disinfect the rooms thoroughly, minimizing the risk. Be sure to wash your hands, avoid touching your face, and follow respiratory etiquette.

Be Sure to Stock Sufficient Water Supply

Don’t spend too much on bottled water. Bringing 6 750 ml bottles isn’t doing any favors for the environment. Rather, invest in quality, reusable water containers, like a metal tumbler. You can also bring with you a few water-filled jerry cans when driving to remote locations to secure your supply.

When you store drinking water, it is ideal to use food-grade water containers. This type won’t transfer toxic substances into any liquid it holds. You can purchase food-grade containers that are FDA approved at camping supply stores or surplus shops. If you’re not sure about the storage containers being food-grade, ask the surplus owner.

Know Who You Are Traveling With

Knowing exactly who will be along for the ride is especially important when it comes to safe pandemic travel.

Your method of travel can affect who your group comes into contact with during their trip and how much control you have over that. For example, flying on a plane is quick—which means a shorter window for exposure to the virus—but more often than not, you have no idea who your travelers will be sitting next to on their flight. On the other hand, while driving to your destination would take longer, charter bus rental service for your group means you know exactly who will be on your motorcoach at any given time.

If you need a charter bus rental from Luxury Bus Rental, Get an Instant quote now. We’ve been providing services in the US. For the safety of our clients and drivers, we are strictly following standard COVID-19 protocols. To know more about our services, call us at (816) 323-2830 or email us at