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Field Trip bus rental and charter mini yellow school bus

Field Trip Bus Rental

Luxury Bus Rentals is the premium bus rental service for school events across the USA. Our yellow school bus rental have modern amenities like quality entertainment, comfortable seats and Wi-Fi. Our company’s priority is to ensure our passengers’ safety, making us the safest brand in the USA. Our negotiable pricing quotes, customizable amenities, and experienced support team have made it easy for Schools to book their journey with us and make their field trip bus rental memorable.
We plan school trips and provide them with the best mini school bus rental solution, making their journey hassle-free with many enjoyable moments. We offer a wide range of trips to favorite destinations in the USA. These destinations include religious, memorial, and educational sites. A few of them are;

  1. Niagara Falls 
  2. The Smithsonian American Art Museum
  3. The National World War II Museum
  4. The National Museum of American History
  5.  The Kennedy Space Center
  6. Universal Studios Hollywood
  7. Yellowstone National Park
  8. The Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan
  9. The National Sikh Heritage Center in New York
  10. The National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa, in Doylestown, Pennsylvania & many more.

We offer flexible pricing that makes trips budget friendly for Schools. Our experienced drivers and bus crew are dedicated to providing a safe, hectic-free traveling journey.

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Features and Benefits of the Service

1-Competitive pricing
Even though luxury buses are quite expensive than any stand bus, we have competitive pricing plans for School trips. Our pricing depends upon certain factors, like the duration of the tour and destination. We also have trip plans with fixed periods to various places with discounted rates.

2-Experienced and professional drivers
We have experienced drivers who have been working with us since 2012. With almost a decade of experience, they know how to execute safety plans and treat passengers professionally.

3-Safe and reliable transportation
Our buses are regularly maintained to ensure the safety of passengers. With almost a decade of experience, our drivers are insured and licensed by the state. Our buses have high-quality braking systems and fog lights in snowy areas to avoid complications during the journey. 

4-Modern and customizable amenities
Our buses have state-of-the-art modern amenities, including comfortable seats, footrests, entertainment tabs, and the finest quality music system. Moreover, we offer customizable amenities at affordable rates. Such amenities include toilets, a food court, a drinks bar and more on user requirements.

Types of Trips Offered
We offer a wide range of first student charter bus rental with affordable packages. A few of them are;

  1. Single day trips
  2. Overnight trips
  3. Out-of-state trips
  4. Educational expo trips
  5. Cultural trips & many more
yellow school bus rental

Planning and Bus Booking

Planning a trip with Luxury Bus Rentals is very simple. Here are a few steps to plan and book a charter bus for field trip with us.

  1. Contact our customer representative via live web chat or call us at (816) 323-2830. Our team will make customizable plans according to your instruction and help you make an affordable plan.
  2. Once you receive the quotation, you’ll need to review and finalize it by discussing it with your group.
  3. Once you decide, you’ll have to pay the charges in advance.
  4. After completing the booking procedure, your enjoyable journey is our responsibility. Our experienced driver will ensure your safety while traveling.
  5. After completing the field trip, we would like to accept feedback to update our testimonials and improve our services.

Testimonials and Reviews

Sharon: We have booked their school bus rental service, and they were so professional with everything they had claimed before booking. The buses were exceptionally clean and stylish. The behavior of the driver and support team was very polite. The driver was punctual and made sure to reach his destination on time. We’ll use their service again for the next school trips.

Leonardo: I have booked Luxury Bus Rentals to plan and organize our school trip. The way their team helped us was fantastic. They gave us a quote that fitted our budget and needs. The amenities on the bus were so modern that we enjoyed the whole journey. I’ll recommend this service to other Schools as well.

Monica: We have been using Luxury Bus Rentals for our School trips for five years now, and it’s unbelievable that their level of service has always been unmatchable. The bus always came with comfortable seats and a perfect entertainment system. We have recommended their service to many Schools.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to rent a yellow school bus?

You can get a quote for a school trip by contacting our live support, which is available 24/7, to help you, or by calling us at (816) 323-2830.

Are the buses equipped with Wi-Fi and other amenities?

Yes, our buses have Wi-Fi and other modern conveniences like controllable bus temperature and comfortable seats.

How do you ensure the safety of students and teachers during the trip?

Our experienced drivers and regular maintenance of buses ensure the safety of students and teachers on a trip.

How many students can the buses accommodate?

It depends on the seating capacity of the bus. Usually, we offer 12-passenger bus rental, a 15-passenger minibus rental, a 20-passenger bus rental, a 25-passenger bus rental, a 30-passenger bus rental, a 32-passenger bus rental service 45 passenger bus rental, 50 passenger bus rental, 56-passenger bus rental 60 passenger bus rental services.

Can we make changes to the itinerary after booking?

Yes, you can make changes to the itinerary after booking according to your flexibility in schedule and needs.

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