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wedding shuttle service and rent bus for wedding guest

Wedding shuttle Services

We are familiar with the needs of wedding events; transport is the most prominent one. At Luxury Bus Rentals, we offer premium-style wedding buses with modern facilities like TV, WIFI, and a small bar. Our experienced team is capable of organizing such wedding bus rental services with professionalism. Please relieve stress about the high prices and slow services of existing renting brands, as we guarantee connivance, safety, and reliability. Do you still pondering whether to choose us or not? Give us a chance to serve your wedding guest bus rental with the most prestigious journey. Book a bus with just a single call at (816) 323-2830 

Benefits of shuttle bus rental for wedding

Bus booking for wedding events ensures safety, comfort, and a stress-free journey. Moreover, renting a bus for such events corroborates a cost-efficient trip, and everyone arrives on time. In the USA, several places have parking issues that can be resolved by renting a Luxury bus rental for wedding events. Many wedding couples and their guests have witnessed that the journey to the wedding venue on a luxury bus charter can be just as enjoyable and memorable as the event itself. 

Features of Our wedding shuttle bus
Luxury Bus Rentals has a variety of buses with top-notch features. All buses have comfortable seats that make a person feel energetic throughout the journey. Moreover, free WIFI and LED televisions are available for providing entertainment. Only some of our wedding bus models have toilets that facilitate people during long trips. All of our buses have a modern temperature control system that moderates and maintains the interior temperature of the bus. Our experienced staff ensures the safety of every passenger on the bus.

Customizable Amenities and Services
We make wedding events memorable. Our art team in the company added customizable amenities for people to make their weddings unique. Some widely used amenities are decorations, drinking bars, and photography. Event planners and photographers are also on the list of extra services that make the wedding more memorable. Moreover, we offer multiple bus rental services for big gatherings due to our extensive network of rental buses in the USA. We are happy to hear from you if you need more customization or assistance. Feel free to call at (816) 323-2830.

Frequently Asked Questions about shuttles for wedding guests

Q:Are your buses equipped with WIFI and a TV?
Yes, all our buses are equipped with WIFI and LED television.

Q:How do I rent a bus for a wedding?
You can book a charter bus for wedding with a single call at (816) 323-2830.

Q:What type of buses do you have available for weddings?
We have almost all types of buses, including charter buses, party buses, limousine vans, and mini busses. 

Q:Can you provide food and beverage service on the bus?
Yes, we can provide exceptional amenities such as food and beverages per the user’s demand.

Q:What is the capacity of your buses?
It depends on the category of bus you opt for, but we have a wide range of capacity, as low as 12 passenger buses and as high as 60 passenger buses.

Q:How expensive are Luxury Bus Rentals?
Well, the tour cost depends on the category of bus and route. One can calculate tour expenses with our free cost estimation tool or get a price quote on call.

Testimonials from Satisfied Wedding Couples

I am glad I booked Luxury Bus Rentals for all my wedding events. They provided what they had promised. Their staff is a good experience like their company, which is fantastic. They are most experienced in their domain.

I used their service for my son’s wedding. The bus was convenient, luxurious, and cost-efficient. The staff cooperated very well. All our guests loved their journey and the amenities on the bus.

Andrew and Rachel:
We used Luxury Bus Rentals for our wedding transportation. We booked a limousine van and charter buses with short notice. They amazed us with their quick service, and we loved the whole process without any stress. We were so satisfied with them, and we highly recommend their wedding bus rental service.

David and Emma:
We searched for many wedding bus rental services and found every service very costly. But thanks to GOD, somehow we found Luxury Bus Rentals, which negotiated their prices and made them budget-friendly—appreciated!