Mini Bus Hire

Mini Bus charter is a service that is for a specified period. Mini-buses are smaller than full-sized buses and can normally accommodate between 9 to 28 passengers minibus rental is often used for group transportation, such as for weddings, corporate events, school field trips, or religious outings. Luxury Bus Rental offer Minibuses which are also a convenient way to travel to and from airports, sporting events, and other types of group activities. Make sure to consider the size of the group, the duration of the rental, the destination, and any special needs or requirements, such as wheelchair accessibility before booking our Minibus Rental. Luxury Bus Rental is blessed with its reputation and reliability. For more Details dial now at (816) 323-2830

  • Reclining seat
  • WIFI and power outlets
  • Heating & air conditioning system
  • LCD & DVD players
  • Smoke & Alcohol-free environment
  • FM/PM system
  • Clean environment

There are several types of minibuses available for rental, here are some common types of minibuses:
Standard minibus: This is a common type of minibus, with seating for up to 25 passengers. It is suitable for group transportation for shorter distances and is often used for commercial events, school field trips, or airport transfers.
Luxury minibus: Luxury Bus rentals offer mini buses with a higher level of comfort and facilities, such as leather seats, temperature control, entertainment systems, and other features. The Luxury Minibus used for business events, wedding ceremony, and other special events.
Wheelchair-accessible minibus: These mini buses are designed to accommodate passengers with mobility impairments, with features such as wheelchair lifts, ramps, and special seating arrangements.
Executive minibus: Executive minibuses offer a more fashionable and elegant travel experience, with amenities such as resting seats, conference tables, and advanced entertainment systems. These are often used for corporate events and executive travel.
Sprinter van: A sprinter van is a popular choice for smaller groups. It typically seats up to 15 passengers and offers ample headroom and luggage space.
These are a few types of Minibuses offered by Luxury Bus Rental. The specific features and amenities.


The cost of mini bus rental varies on various aspects such as the size and type of the minibus and the location. The rental duration is another important factor in defining the cost of mini bus rental. Our offers with longer rental periods are associated with lower daily rental rates, while short-term rentals are often a little expensive comparatively. The pickup and drop-off locations can impact the rental cost. Contact us and get cost information.


We offers Minibus rentals having several features to make the rental experience more calm and convenient for our passengers. Here are some common features we offer:
Comfortable seating: Our Minibuses are designed with comfortable seats and ample legroom to ensure a comfortable ride for passengers.
Air conditioning and heating: Our mini buses are furnished with air conditioning and heating systems to keep passengers comfortable in any weather.
Audio and video entertainment: Luxury Bus Rental offers minibuses having audio and video entertainment systems to keep passengers entertained during the ride.
Luggage storage: Minibuses we offer have sufficient space for luggage and other properties.
GPS navigation: Our mini buses are prepared with GPS navigation systems to help our drivers navigate to their destination and save our passengers time.
On-board restroom: Some of our minibuses have an on-board restroom, which can be especially useful for your longer trips.
Wheelchair accessibility: Luxury Bus Rental offers minibuses that are well-appointed with wheelchair lifts or ramps and have space to accommodate passengers with mobility impairment. Luxury Bus Rental offers Minibus rental to provide experienced and professional drivers who are known to ensure a safe and comfortable ride for passengers. These features are different with the type of Minibuses being rented and with the specific need or demands of our clients. For any inquiry or demand about the specific features and facilities and for booking dial now at (816) 323-2830