School Bus Hire

School bus rental refers to the service of renting a school bus for a specific period, typically for transportation purposes. Luxury bus Rentals School buses are a popular choice for group transportation, Academic trips, Event shuttle, Sports team transportation, etc. as these are affordable, reliable, and can accommodate a large number of passengers.

  • Well maintained and clean environment
  • Smoke-free
  • Climate control
  • Leather seats
  • PA System

Main Purpose of School Bus Rental

Academic trips: Many people rent School buses for their academic trips, such as field trips, college visits, and educational tours. Luxury Bus Rental provides schools which are a cost-effective way to transport the number of students who are willing to enjoy and make their trip memorable.
Event shuttle bus: School buses are also rented for event shuttles, such as transporting guests to wedding ceremonies or from the wedding ceremony, or festival. School buses for event shuttles provide a safe, happy, and reliable transportation service for guests, Luxury Bus Rental is the best choice during any event.
Sports team transportation: School buses are also used by sports teams to reach their playgrounds and to reach back home or stay place for their sports, tournaments, and other events. School Buses offered by Luxury Bus Rental provide a relaxed and suitable way to transport athletes.
Group transportation: School buses offered by Luxury Bus Rental can be used for group transportation, such as for community organizations, church groups, friend groups, or other groups of people traveling together.
Emergency transportation: School buses also be used for emergency transportation, such as during natural disasters or other emergencies when other transportation options may not be available.

Features of School Bus charter

Here are some features of renting a school bus by Luxury Bus Rental
Cost-effective: School bus rental is cost-effective for group transportation, as our school buses are affordable and fuel-efficient.
Spacious: School buses can accommodate a large number of passengers, making them ideal for transporting groups to events, tours, or other destinations.
Safe: School buses are designed with safety in mind, with features such as high seat backs, reinforced steel frames, and emergency exits.
Comfortable: Our modern school buses are equipped with comfortable seating, heating, and air conditioning systems.
Environmentally friendly: School buses are designed to be fuel-efficient and emit lower levels of pollutants than other types of vehicles.

Types of yellow school Bus Rental

Standard school bus: A standard school bus is the most common type of school bus rental. It is normally a large, yellow bus that can accommodate up to 72 passengers. It is used for events, field tours, and other activities, etc.

Mini school bus charter:
 A mini school bus is smaller in size compared to the standard school bus, with a capacity of up to 35 passengers. It is good for smaller groups or transportation on narrow or zigzagging roads.

Wheelchair-accessible school bus:
 A wheelchair-accessible school bus we offer has a lift and ramp to help our passengers who use wheelchairs. It is good for transporting people and students with disabilities.

Activity bus rental:
 An activity bus is a school bus that has additional services such as air conditioning, relaxed seats, and enough space for luggage or kits. Activity Bus is best for players, performers, and others with special needs.

Charter bus rental:
 A charter bus is larger and in style, it’s like a coach bus that can be for up to 56 passengers. Charter bus usually used for longer trips and it has extra facilities for air conditioners and resting seats etc. Choosing the most suitable school bus must consider the size of your group, the distance you have to travel, and the special requirements of someone in your group member. Luxury Bus Rental is best for school bus rental as it always focuses on customer’s all requirements and has a reputation in all over the USA for its quality service. For booking a suitable School Bus or information call us at (816) 323-2830