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Events Transportation Service and bus charter for family vacations

Bus Charter For Events & Occasions

Our company, Luxury Bus Rental, is a quality provider of luxurious buses for different events in the USA. We provide the best buses available with modern amenities. We ensure that our customer enjoys a comfortable journey and memorable traveling experience. We have a variety of buses available for different categories of events like School trips, Religious tours, Wedding events, Corporate meetings, and much more. Our experienced support team and bus crew are dedicated to providing high service to our customers. Whether you need a bus for a limited period or regularly, we have the perfect solution!

Types of events we cover!

Our premium bus service is suitable for a wide range of events, such as;
1-Bus rental For Wedding Events
2-School Trips
3-Sports team transportation
4-Shuttle Bus for Church Trips
5-Government transport
6-Airport transfer service
7-Handicap accessible bus service
8-Party Bus service & many more

We understand the nature of every event, and to make it memorable for you, we are determined to provide our best to fulfill our quality promises. Our team is available 24/7 to help you plan a complete solution for your event.

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Benefits of Using Our Charter Bus Service

1-Luxury Amenities

All our buses are equipped with comfortable seats, controllable temperature, and the latest entertainment system. We also offer other customizable amenities like a bar, food court, toilets, and decorations which guarantee an unforgettable journey experience.

2-Flexibility in Scheduling

Are you planning to book a bus for any event at the last moment? There’s no need to worry as we offer flexibility in Scheduling. Whether you need a bus in the early morning or late at night, we can make it available. Our team is available around the clock to arrange events at your flexible times.

3-Affordable Pricings

Luxury buses are more expensive than standard buses, but we offer nominal prices, making them budget-friendly for our customers. Our quotes are negotiable; you can get pricing quotes by calling us at (816) 323-2830.

4-Safety and Insurance

Our drivers are experienced enough to provide a safe environment for passengers. Passengers’ safety is our priority. To ensure safety, we regularly maintain our buses, which pass through various safety checks.However, our buses are insured by the state and are verified with all the required documents.

5-Variety of Buses

We have a variety of buses and vans available, starting from minimum prices to high prices and minimum seats to total seats. Some of our fleet services are Sedan rental service, Limousine rental service, Van rental service, and Sprinter van rental service.

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Testimonials from Satisfied Customers:

James: We have booked a bus from Luxury Bus Rentals for our school’s trip to the Art Museum. The bus was comfortable and safe. Our driver was well-trained, punctual, and supportive. Their customer support deserves a lot of appreciation as they cooperated with us throughout the process, from giving us a discount to ending the trip. We will recommend it to other schools as well. 

Kyla: We planned to go through Luxury Bus Rental premium charter bus to our annual party last month. We added a bar service to our bus, which was within our budget. Moreover, our driver was so funny and replied to our every question so professionally. Thanks for making our journey memorable.

Sofia: My family planned to go to a church, and they gave me responsibility for transportation. I was initially nervous as it is usually difficult to book a bus on short notice. Still, my friend recommended Luxury Bus Rentals’ short-notice bus service, which did not come with any additional charges. I was able to book a bus for our school trip to the Art Museum with much ease. I’ll use their service for future tours to Church.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: For which types of events is your transportation service suitable?

We cover many events such as weddings, school trips, corporate tours, religious events trips, parties, and much more.

Q: Are your buses equipped with safety features?

Our buses are maintained regularly to ensure the safety features like an efficient brake system. Moreover, there is an emergency gate and hammer available on every bus in case of any emergency.

Q: What is the cost of chartering a bus for events?

The cost of chartering a bus for events depends on various factors, including duration, distance, and bus type. Our support team gives your trip the best possible pricing quote based on your specific requirements.

Q: How can I check the availability and make a reservation?

You can contact our live chat support or call us at (816) 323-2830 to check the availability of all buses and then make a reservation.

Q: What types of buses do you have in your fleet?

We have a variety of buses and vans available in our fleet, including Limousines, Sedan, Handicap accessible buses, and much more. Moreover, we have a wide range of rental services for different seating capacities, including 12-passenger bus rental, a 15-passenger minibus rental, a 20-passenger bus rental, a 25-passenger bus rental, a 30-passenger bus rental,32-passenger bus rental service 45 passenger bus rental, 50 passenger bus rental, 56 passenger bus rental,60 passenger bus rental.

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